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Benefits (The "Tax-Advantage") of Appeals

Get the "Tax-Advantage"

The benefits from TAPS property tax appeal services include:

  • Annual tax savings

  • With successful appeals, real estate owners and/or tenants pay less tax than otherwise resulting in increased cash flow. These tax savings typically continue for multiple years until the next tax reassessment. For example, assuming a 4-year tax appraisal cycle, a $5,000 annual savings will represent $20,000 in savings over this cycle.

  • Increased property values for certain owners

  • For example, assuming a $500,000 reduction in tax value and a tax rate of $1 per $100 of value, the tax savings equal $5,000 annually. Applying the income capitalization approach and a 9% cap rate, the value of the property is increased by $55,555 ($5,000 savings / 9% cap rate).

  • Low risk

  • With a contingent fee structure, you only pay a fee when TAPS achieves a successful result.

  • Local Specialization and extensive network

  • TAPS' property tax appeal activity is concentrated in North Carolina and South Carolina. As a Charlotte, North Carolina-based company with extensive ties to the Carolinas, TAPS knows the procedures of the various taxing jurisdictions and the governmental representatives involved in property taxation. In addition, as a member of the local real estate community, TAPS has knowledge of and access to appraisers, brokers, attorneys, title agents, and CPAs who operate in these markets.

  • Exceptional service that saves you time and money

  • TAPS' experts perform, on your behalf, the technical process of an appeal which is unfamiliar to most taxpayers. TAPS' prompt, high-quality service is provided by a seasoned team with legal training and property tax expertise who act as your advocate in negotiations. As an extension of your team, TAPS builds on your team's knowledge, and TAPS provides its analytical processes and expertise to achieve optimal results while minimizing the time demands on you and your staff.

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