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What TAPS Does For You

TAPS' property tax appeal services -- in detail

TAPS' property tax appeal services generally consist of:

  1. Investigating and reviewing property information and tax records for errors meriting appeal;
  2. Preparing and filing meritorious appeals as your representative;
  3. Conducting informal discussions with tax personnel of the appropriate taxing jurisdiction to negotiate appeal resolution;
  4. Representing clients in appeal matters before the appropriate Board of Equalization and Review, Board of Assessment Appeals, or similar non-judicial governmental entity;
  5. Advising and consulting with clients on appeal related matters;
  6. Assisting clients in securing legal representation where appropriate;
  7. Assisting clients and clients' counsel in any advanced appeals before judicial or quasi-judicial authorities.

Essentially, TAPS handles the entire appeal process and serves as an extension of your staff.

Note: TAPS does not provide tax or legal advice.

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