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Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement:

TAPS' mission is to provide high-quality tax-saving and administrative services to commercial property owners and businesses ethically while being recognized as a leading provider of these services and serving as a contributing member of both the communities and industries in which it operates.

TAPS' Values:

TAPS as an organization strives to:

  • Consistently meet and exceed the expectations of clients and develop long-term client relationships;
  • Encourage a client-centric culture with a commitment to continual improvement and accountability;
  • Promote the acquisition of deeper organizational knowledge and capabilities to meet the needs of clients and potential clients;
  • Participate in and otherwise support industry and community organizations;
  • Treat our team and all those with whom we interact with respect, professionalism, fairness, and courtesy;
  • Promote an enjoyable work environment, the open exchange of ideas, and clear communication;
  • Maximize stakeholder value.

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