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By: Tax Advantage - January 10, 2023

Updated Property Tax Rate Estimate - Mecklenburg County Revaluation

Based on newly released information, we now have the following updates regarding the 2023 Mecklenburg revaluation. 

In December, the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office (CAO) revealed that real estate values have increased 52% overall since its last appraisal in 2019.  With this increase, the value of residential properties has increased 60% on average, and the value of commercial properties has increased 39%.  As the CAO’s valuation process will conclude in late February, these percentages may change, but likely not materially.

Using this recent data, for 2023, we can expect a tax rate decrease of approximately 25%-29% from the 2022 tax rate.  This estimate is for the Mecklenburg County tax rate only; however, similar changes of magnitude can be anticipated for the various municipalities and taxing jurisdictions in Mecklenburg County.  Please reach out if you would like to see the data underlying this estimate.

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